Your philosophy matters. You're more than just a business, you're someone who wants to change the world for the better. That's why we help you convey your unique why: the essence of you and your company, all the way to your end goal and the kind of world you want to create- from Alpha to Omega.

Let's build your vision together.


We'll start by finding your Alpha- it's the beginning, and the essence of everything you're creating, the spark that motivates you and the critical difference that sets you apart from everyone else.


Next, we'll explore your Iota- this is your identity and the way you express your philosophy in the world. It's how you're perceived, and how you interact with the world.


Finally, we'll determine your Omega- this is the end goal of your business. It's a telos that guides each action you take and every choice you make, and we'll plan all the way to the end.

Our Clients

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"From long-term vision to short-term operations, Garrett has always effectively advocated for my businesses interests in a deeply meaningful way."

John Giuffre, CEO of Logos Productions