About Aion

असतो मा सद्गमय ।

"Lead me from ignorance to truth"

Our purpose is to serve Humanity, both the whole and the individual, and to further the thriving of Life itself. To this end, we dedicate our organization to the pursuit of Truth in whatever form it may be found, that we may move away from ignorance and the needless suffering that comes from it towards a future in which Life may flourish, until the end of Time. Together, we choose to align our Will to act in a way that moves Humanity towards the pursuit of meaning, fulfillment, and excellence, such that every person may achieve their greatest potential. In this manner, we will act with Love, benevolence, and compassion to our fellows, and to do so in a way that all future generations may also experience Love and the joys of a meaningful life.

Our values


Truth represents the highest value that one can strive for. This is not a dogmatic “truth” that can be constrained to language or forced on others in a means of control, but the place where the objective Truth of reality (veritas) meets the subjective Truth (gnosis) of the individual’s conscious experience. As such, it is not something to be limited, only to be pursued in earnest, both as we strive together as a group, and as we all must seek alone as individuals. Truth is a pathless land, and as such we do not believe that anyone, individual or collective, has a monopoly on the Truth or the routes by which it is sought- it is the genuine desire to seek that counts.


Will represents the value of action, and the means by which we operate in the world. To live is no accident, it is the result of the conscious application of the Will by the individual in their life. Will alone is not enough, and left to its own devices, is capable of becoming self-consuming and destructive. Thus, Will must be subordinated in the service of the Truth, both to act in a way that moves the world from ignorance, and also in a way that provides security for those that need protection. Will is defined not simply action, but action done in service of something greater than itself.


Love represents the value of compassion and benevolence towards life, the individual, and humanity as a whole. Love is something that must be nurtured, cultivated, and ultimately protected- we strive to build a world in which Love can be expressed freely, unnecessary suffering may be eliminated, and necessary suffering be met with the wisdom to know that even the hardest parts of life are an essential part of the greater whole.

Pros aion aletheia aidios,
heos tes synteleias tou aionos.

"Towards the age of truth unending
'till the end of time."

We believe your philosophy—your why—matters. In a world where so much of business is focused on mindless consumerism and growth at the expense of the good in the world, we're here to change that. We believe business is the best method to effect change in the world, and that the means are the end- what you get is what you do. If we're going to change the world, we have to start with ourselves and our businesses. That's why Aion exists- to help those who seek to better the world in their quest to make a difference. You can't build a house on a foundation of sand, and you can't build a new world with the methods of the old- so let's build something better, and together we can change the world.
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